About Us

“I like to think music as an emotional science.”
[George Gershwin]

Music accompanies every single moment of our daily life, even if we often don’t realize it. We listen to music on the radio, on the TV or on our i-pod. Sometimes we choose it, otherwise someone choose it for us. But, in the end, it’s always the same point: music marks out the time of our life. Sorrento Music project comes from the desire to give substance to the music, a shape, able to give emotions.
Our ten-year experience in this area allows us to space all over the music context and provide different formats ad hoc for any requirement.
Through a detailed research of the clients preferences and desires, we are able to realize a perfect soundtrack suitable for any event, like a tailor-made dress.

Thanks to our never ending search and experience, we are always supported by the best instrumentation and technlogies, that blend in harmony with the surrounding, so that the listeners can catch only the pleasure of an high-level acoustic/emotional experience.

We follow the event planning from the beginning and help the clients to customize the music, let it fitting with the whole context.
We work together with the clients in order to understand their needs and suggesting them, through our experience, the right format.
Sorrento Music is the utmost expression of the music power: the right mix that makes every single moment worthy to be enjoyed, but, first of all, remembered.